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The iPhone 14 Pro is the most popular iPhone 14 Proxide

Author: Anonymous Published on: 12 Aug 2022

Dxomark tests the iPhone 14 Pro camera and won a good point. The total score is 146, and the list of Dxomark's best camera list is 2. Dxomark scored 145 points as the cell camera was the best. Dxomark says the iPhone 14 Pro uses Zero-shutter Lag technology, which is quick and fast in the capture of Skin Tone. Motion to reduce motion blur and the natural Bokeh effect is like DSLR. The iPhone 14 Pro has scored 1 in video capabilities, and the smoothness increases. Stabilization is also good and HDR Recordinging has high contrast. Autofocus is stable and accurate. Apple's Quad-Bayer Image Sir Authorize image quality, and the preview image is accurate. It is a good score for autofocus cams and a speedy ferture. Cells videos are also good and Exposure, Color and Stabilization. When shooting the cell cameras and animations, it has a good dynamic range, exposure and bokeh. Skin Tone accurately and more detailed, and Bokeh is good. The disadvantage is that there are significant noise on photos and videos, and Skin Tone is weak in lowlight. Ref: GSMARNA

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