Welcome to YoteShin Drive

Let's share your file easily without any limitation and anonymously. YoteShin Drive is created with love for everyone who wants to share or download any media files uploaded to google drive. We are using P2P download system so your files are safe and never exceeded download limit.


By using Google CDN server, users can download with full network bandwidth speed. We give the fastest download speed ever among any other all servers for downloading files because the files are uploaded and downloaded by using Google CDN servers.
Also support Pause and Resume with our YoteShin Drive mobile application.


Truely unlimited sharing of your any media files over the internet. Your original files are encryped and encoded by our system so that your files are always safe. Users can always be able to download files at anytime with no limit.

P2P Sharing

Moreover, our system use P2P advanced sharing technology, to reduce loads on your original files and we make sure that your files are always ready to download by your users. We provide the ability against google drive sharing limitation and download limitation so your files will not be limited for downloading when sharing so many times.

How It Works?

Step 1

First, you will need gmail account and sign up using your google account. Then you can download all files on our website as a user.

Step 2

If you are a publisher and if you want to share your files on your google drive, you can register as a publisher. Click on "Create publisher account". Then you can enter your details and register as a publisher.

Step 3

After you have registered as a publisher, you can start sharing your files on google drive by entering share link from google drive on our website. Then we will encrypt your original file and then you can share unlimited numbers of times and unlimited download counts.

Currently, we are serving


Premium Subscription

Users can ugprade to premium plan

- No more waiting time to download

- No annoying ads

- The fastest download speed ever

- Other premium features with our YoteShin Drive application

Coming soon

YoteShin Drive 1.1.4

We also develop mobile application to download file from YoteShin Portal. Our mobile client is the best cloud file manager & downloader to download shared files with PAUSE and RESUME supports. Can stream & watch movies directly without downloading. The fastest download speed among all other servers. Easy to use and download files. Clean and beautiful UI design.