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YouTube testing a feature to view 4K video to premium

Author: Anonymous Published on: 12 Aug 2022

Google is now experimenting with new features in YouTube, one of the most commonly used video streaming platform, the most commonly used video streaming platform. But most of the test features are testing youTube premium using the monthly amount of money. In the past few weeks, Google was trying to add a lot of advertisements before the start of the video from YouTube. Now, there is only one feature to prioritize people who buy more premium. This is a need for premium if you want to view YouTube videos with 4K resolution. Therefore, if you are free using YouTube, you will be able to view 4K, but only 2K or 1440p. Currently, some users are experimenting with this kind of users, and it is not known whether Google will actually act later. Ref & # 8211; Neowin

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