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Tesla can sell 370,000 electric vehicles in 3

Author: Anonymous Published on: 12 Aug 2022

Tesla is the world's largest electric car company. Recently, Tesla has increased the production of automobiles. Shanghai It has improved because of the upgrade to the factories in Berlin and the Texas. The company's car manufacturer has been recorded in the record in July 3 in September. In addition, car sales have come up. Observers say Tesla sells between 350,000 to 370,000 cars in 350,000. If this is true, it is record sales for the company. Tesla also has a record sales in January 1 of January this year. In 2022, Tesla sold more than 3,100,000 vehicles sold over 31,000 vehicles. Tesla usually goes up at the end of the year. The same year is also reported that Tesla said that Tesla said that it would go up to 3. Tesla will be income in the record of record 3 in District 3. Now, the 3-time disclosure of Tesla must be monitored. Ref: Gizchina

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