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In many countries, you have to work on Windows 11

Author: Anonymous Published on: 12 Aug 2022

Microsoft has confirmed that it has expanded its Android apps to run Android apps in 21 countries. Since the end of Tuesday, Windows 11 users can download Windows 11 users and enable Android app support. This update is available for download Android apps. Microsoft recommends at least 8GB RAM (16GB RAM); SSD (Solid-State Drive); Intel Core i3 8th Gen and above. It is said that there must be Virtual Machine Platforms. To enable Android app Support on your Windows computer, go to the Microsoft Store and download Amazon AppStore. Installing Windows Subsystem For Android and open the Amazon App Store and log in to Amazon account. Then you will find Android apps. The Amazon App Store has no current app, but it can block your favorite apps. WSA for Windows 11, WSA for Windows 11, andorra, Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Guino, Iransey, Iraches, Liechten, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, United States, United States, United States, United States, United States, It has been released for Vatican City / Holy See. Ref: GSMARNA

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